Green Tea – Everything You Need to Know About It

Everything You Need to Know About Green Tea

There are a lot of benefits of green tea that have to relish it trending worldwide. Most medical professionals have advised it with several journals and reports written speaking about green tea. 

Green tea is popular in many countries worldwide and exported to those that don’t grow it. It is a common drink and can sometimes be addictive. 

Green tea falls under various varieties and is actually processed before it can be used. There are many essential things you might not know about your favourite drink.

How to make your green tea recipe:

  • Take four cups of water and let it boil in a kettle and keep aside for a few minutes so the temperature drops slightly.
  • Put 3 to 5 green tea bags, and add a pinch of cinnamon to a heat-proof pitcher, and add in the water.
  • Allow brewing for 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Take out tea bags and mix a little honey if desired.
  • Use freshly sliced lemon to add flavor. Keep refrigerated if you want cold green tea or you can add ice cubes to it and drink within 24 hours.
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What are the different forms of green tea?

As green tea is your favourite beverage, it is divided into different forms. Most people are using green tea available in a teabag. Well, this is a very common and a favourite to many but don’t be surprised that there are many various forms of green tea you can buy in the market. 

So next time you buy tea, remember you don’t need to take a hot cup of brewed tea so that you can enjoy all the advantages which come with tea. So what are the other forms of green tea?

Green tea in a teabag

This is the most commonly available green tea and is usually composed in a tea pack after being prepared in the factory. The green tea can be served hot or iced and then slowly enjoy the taste by sipping. 

This green tea can be taken with a meal or alone and it usually promotes a fresh feeling when drinking it. But it is still good that there are various types of green tea that exist, mostly Bigelow’s green tea.

A liquid concentrate of green tea

For those people who are in a hurry and who need to make some tea, using a green liquid concentrate allows the tea to be made very fast. Here is no need to have to wait for the water to boil or tea bags to dip. 

Just by inserting a few drops of the green tea concentrate into either cold or warm water, you will get a very delicious tea within seconds in very few minutes. 

Green tea in a concentrated form is recognized to dissolve much faster as the concentration is considered more crucial hence can act much quicker. 

HerbaSway’s original herbal green tea is the most common type of liquid green tea and can prepare some good tea with just inserting 30 drops in between 6 to 20 oz of water.

Extracts of green tea in a capsule form

Technology has inspired people to drink green tea instead of having real tea. Since the benefits that come with drinking green tea are essential to health. 

An alternative is founded by scientists who have come up with capsules of green tea which people can directly intake and benefit from without actually consuming green tea. 

The green tea is usually epitomized in a gelatin-like capsule which is usually infused in 500 grams capsules. However, it is very important for people to test with their doctors before making a routine of these capsules so that they can get aware of the cases of overdoses.

The best time to drink green tea

The timing for drinking your green tea depends on the purpose for which you are consuming it. Green tea is recommended for different reasons. Some people consume green tea to lose weight while others simply include it due to its antioxidant properties and other health values. 

Here are some suggestions depending on various findings. To acquire the full advantages of the antioxidants in green tea, you should consume green tea in between meals. 

First, this will make sure that a crystalline compound that is catechins, which are one of the major antioxidants, does not add with casein that is available in milk and other forms of animal protein. 

This reaction usually lowers the effect of green tea. Also, green tea is meant to hamper the digestion of calcium and non-heme iron (the iron derived from plants). This can cause issues for those who are liable to anaemia. 

Green tea has also had immense health benefits. Green tea decreases the inclusion of macronutrients like fat and protein. Therefore, you should make a routine of consuming your green tea at least two hours before or after your food timings.

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 Green tea benefits:

1. Make a natural face mask

Finally, a green tea face mask is popular for being a wonderful beauty remedy that is going to have a wonderful impact on your face and skin. 

As with bath salts, it has anti-ageing properties and firms the skin lines causing wrinkle-free skin, and who would not want to look aged? Face masks are easy to try and apply on a regular basis and will leave some impressive outputs.

2. Take it as a pill

Green tea extract made in the form of pills offers you all of the goodness of green tea but in capsule or pill form, this is a nice way of experiencing all of those antioxidant nutrients at one time and it is certainly an extension that should be infused into your daily routine. 

This is available to your local health food shops and you can only get advantages from taking it on a regular basis.

3. Take a warm bath

A green tea bath means that you have to use green tea bath salts and this has been proven to have a positive effect on skin issues. It firms the skin problems like anti-ageing, and detoxifying characteristics, so a regular routine of green tea baths will enhance your skin tone. 

Stimulate the experience of feeling better as well as looking better. Do make sure that you only ever buy from a trusted source in order to ensure that you are achieving the correct uniformity of minerals in the salts.

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Ghee with green tea (A bulletproof tea)

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Ghee is a style of clarified butter that is utilized in Indian cuisine. In western clarified butter,  you melt the unsalted butter, extract the milk proteins which elevate to the top as foam and then ladle off the pure ghee being careful to evaporate all the water content that is present to the bottom. 

Ghee is not wasteful and offers a wonderful subtle nuttiness to other alternatives when the milk proteins are boiled during the process. The content of tea leaves during this step can infuse further taste to the flavours and maybe this would be called Ghea.


  • 2 lbs organic real desi ghee, unsalted
  • 3 tablespoons tea leaves full-bodied, broken leaf 


  1. In a small saucepan, add real desi ghee and tea leaves. Melt ghee over medium heat.
  2. Turn up to the medium-high flame until white foam will generate at the surface. You will observe the foam produced from tea leaves.
  3. Continue to stew over medium heat for the foam to get separate and sink to the bottom. The bubbling that you observe is the water content of the water that gets evaporated off.
  4. When the foam has vanished and the water is no longer available to the surface.
  5. Strain through a strainer lined with a tea filter to extract the tea leaves and browned milk solids. Let it get cool, depending on the tea used,  a spoonful of ghee goodness with your drink color will vary from a light golden color to a deep golden color or even change to a slight greenish.


Hereby above discussion, it should be clear that there are more benefits of green tea with ghee than you imagined. These are just a few of the ideas that you could potentially do. Green tea is such a wonderful beverage that you really need to infuse it into your life. 

Consuming ghee in green tea regularly has another immense health benefit. This bulletproof green tea promotes the good bacteria in the digestive tract to reduce the fibre in food into acid. Therefore, the intestines don’t have to act too hard on the beneficial ingredients from the fibre. 

In addition, ghee could also enhance someone’s appetite, very useful for picky eaters. There are a lot of benefits of ghee for people. You wish to consume healthy and hand-churned ghee by bilona method then prefer