Boost Immunity With 3 Ayurvedic Herbs

3 Ayurvedic Herbs For Immunity

The vital spirit of all body tissues is called “Ojas.” According to the properties of Ayurveda, Ojas is suggested to be managed for the overall system, immunity, and thought-process of people. 

According to the basics of Immunity – Vyadhikshamatva or Bala or Ojas, the body’s pressure is not only essential for disease treatment but also for a fast recovery from illness. From ancient times, 

Acharyas promoted the use of Rasayana (Rejuvenation) to elevate the Ojas. Rasayanas are rejuvenating mediums that create a force against diseases, both physically and mentally, thus promoting overall health. 

The benefits of various types of ojas-promoting Medicinal Plants have been explained in Ayurveda. These can be quickly helpful in enhancing overall immunity. Herbs are popular for their many health benefits. 

They are antioxidants, immune helpers, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory, helpful in digestion and the list can go on. However, one very essential function of herbs is they detoxify toxins and in turn use them to boost our immunity. 

Some of the commonly used herbs mentioned in Ayurvedic compositions help to enhance our immunity with herbs: The role of the immune system to maintain us healthily is very significant.

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Let us see 3 ayurvedic herbs that boost immunity

1. Ashwagandha

All sections of the ashwagandha plant-like leaf, roots, branches, fruit, and nuts are imbibed for their medicinal characteristics but the ashwagandha root is most basically used. This herb has customarily been preferred to build immunity fingerpost to an illness. 

Ashwagandha has strong anti-inflammatory qualities that assist in terms like rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune issues, and particular skin diseases. This herb has impacted its virtue in the nervous system mess. 

It has been indicated to progress brain cell function, nervous regulation, anxiety, and stress. It also revitalizes the body by alleviating fatigue. The role of ashwagandha in degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is often recommended to drink warm milk. 

According to Ayurveda, this herb works as a strong immune builder, thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Besides this, ashwagandha is known to be an effective stress buster and sleep promoter. 

Lack of rest and a heightened sense of tension or anxiety can cause hormonal problems, which, in turn, can tire your body’s defence technique. Ayurvedic experts generally utilize the roots of ashwagandha to cure various health issues. You can use the root in powdered form. Consuming it in the form of herbal tea is also a good alternative.

2. Amla

It is maybe one of the vital sources of vitamin C and is popular for overall immunity, as it can rejuvenate and re-energize the body’s systems. Amla has a cooling effect in nature and can help flush extra body heat, thus often demanded in pitta issues. It is also useful in trouble with the gastrointestinal tract. 

Amla is also offered to regulate the regeneration of red blood cells and is useful to progress haemoglobin factors in the body. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, it can enhance joint pains.  

Amla is usually used in powder form but is also taken in tablets or liquid form. It is a nutrient to eat amla in raw form. Amla powder can be intake by infusing with honey, twice a day. Chyawanprash is an eminent Ayurvedic product that can be taken to lower mental and physical stress and enhance immunity with the content of amla. 

Amla is one of the most affordable herbs which is good in vitamin C. Due to its antibacterial properties it will help in protecting your body against infections. Besides this, antioxidant qualities help to cleanse toxins out of the body so that you can maintain yourself fit and active. 

Amla is also known for its calming effects. If you like to eat sour or tangy fruit items, then you can eat them raw. Alternatively, you can also inject it with some of the immune booster supplements which are Amla-based.

3. Ginger 

Ginger is hot in cogency and thus staple in reducing the aggravated Vata and Kapha doshas. It is very adaptable– it can have a refreshment, dry powdered, or oil form, or juice form.  Dry ginger paste infused with sesame oil is used to help with joint or muscle impacts. 

Ginger is also used for edema, arthritis, or other joint pains. Antimicrobial ingredients in ginger are useful to fight against infections and build immunity levels. 

Ginger is also suggested for many respiratory ailments such as cold, cough, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis. Ginger is one of the most commonly used substitutes in Indian kitchens. It is recognized as very versatile as one can intake it in the form of powder, oil, or juice. In India, it aids as an important constituent while making beverages like tea. 

It can deliver complete shelter to the health system against common virals like cold and flu. If you are suffering from muscle pain, you can insert it up with sesame oil to experience quick relief. Additionally, it is also supreme against getting solutions from a pulmonary disorder.

4. Turmeric

Your grandmother’s suggestions about consuming turmeric for health benefits was indeed wise. Turmeric consists of curcumin, a potent phytochemical well-renowned for its capability to rid the body of toxins and assist the immune system, strengthening it against germs and bacteria. Improve your meals by contributing an extra dash of turmeric or implementing it into your diet with a comforting glass of turmeric-infused milk. Way beyond its immunity-boosting qualities, turmeric possess healing properties. The curcumin, which is characterized by its vibrant yellow hue, delivers an imperative role in stabilizing the immune system and proves essential for individuals fighting with chronic conditions that are diabetes, arthritis, and asthma.

Experience the advantages of this spice by sipping on turmeric milk, a conventional concoction that includes warming cow’s milk with turmeric and some extra spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Broadly recognized for its health benefits, turmeric milk caters as a substitute remedy to improve immunity and ward off illnesses. While acknowledged as one of the excellent Ayurvedic herbs for immune support, turmeric also provides several skin benefits and caters as a blood purifier. The consumption of turmeric milk not only supports digestion but also strengthens the respiratory system, granting relief from prolonged colds and coughs.

Turmeric, scientifically renowned as Curcuma Longa, has been a staple in several formulations for years, cherishing global popularity. Renowned as “Haldi ” in Hindi and “Haridra ” in Sanskrit, the healing properties of turmeric stay in its golden finger-like stalk, also referred as rhizome. This versatile ingredient is most commonly featured in Indian curries, skincare products, health supplements, along with the food preservatives. Haldi’s antibacterial attributes make it productive in fighting infections, by adding just a pinch of it in lentils or vegetables or a cup of turmeric milk before bedtime can work wonders. Moreover, consistent consumption of turmeric in food has been connected to a reduced risk of cancer. The herb’s warming impact grants a relief from coughs and colds, making it a versatile addition to your entire well-being.

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Apart from all the above herbs, as we know cow ghee has versatile health benefits on various ailments but the very primary and essential benefit is that cow ghee acts as an immune booster to people of any age from kids to adults.

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Cow ghee is a natural immune booster

Ghee is enriched with butyrate. It is essential for enhancing immunity and maintaining the digestive tract healthy. A healthy gut and strong immunization against health issues are vital to staying healthy. 

To achieve the advantages of ghee for stronger ability, one should eat 100% pure cow ghee prepared with the traditional Bilona process. This traditional process includes turning whole milk into curds and churning it with a wooden bilona to take out the butter which is simmered to get ghee. 

The amount of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K promotes the bone working in the system. They also help to generate sound brain and heart functionality, along with healthy remedies.

They also verify for body inflammation which may happen due to skin limits like allergies, eczema, among others. Ghee also offers the body good fat and energy, which is very essential for children, as their body under development requires nutrition which converts into boosting a strong immune system for them. 

One of the best remedies that can be quickly tried at home to boost immunity is by heating A2 ghee to a warm level and adding some freshly crushed pepper with it. Consuming this regularly before going to sleep at night can be useful to boost immunity. It is also perfect to fight the flu and other viral infections.


As ghee involves a large number of antioxidants, ghee promotes your body’s ability to offer nutrients to enhance immunity. Hence, consuming ghee in place of other options reduces the possibility of getting ill. You can get organic cow ghee online easily and it can produce vital enhancement to your food. In a nutshell, Desi ghee delivers many impressive benefits that impact its ability to cure your health problems. To buy the pure desi ghee for you visit our website: