Desi Cow Ghee – The Intelligent Choice

Desi Cow Ghee - The Intelligent Choice

Desi cow ghee is an ample source of healthy fat and much required by the body, useful to treat brain issues, utilized in boosting memory and developing motor skills, balancing Vata and Pitta, and restoring and strengthening weak cell membranes. 

Our mothers always suggest a topping of pure ghee on rotis, in our rice, smears it on porridges prepared of bajra and wheat, to be infused with khichdi. You can use desi cow ghee for tadka on dals. In all these forms, the Indian cow ghee is offered its best solution for digestion. 

In fact, in many Indian customs, grass-fed cow ghee has a good approach for the annaprasana ceremony served as the first food to a baby. Desi cow ghee helps in counteracting the stomach flux acid before the food travels to the small intestine area. 

Indian cow ghee is also a good remedy in case of infections of the stomach, and also provides antibacterial properties. It is also known for an elevation of HDL, thereby offering good cardiovascular health.

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Why is cow ghee an intelligent selection?

India is the world’s biggest manufacturer and customer of pure ghee. In several constituents of Asia, desi cow ghee is meant as clarified butter and is used for the preparation of various recipes as well as for holy ceremonial staples.

By simmering the fat, separating the water content from the residue, desi cow ghee is made. Desi cow ghee doesn’t need refrigeration and can survive at room temperature. We observe the contrast in their colors often, and this is a pure form taken from natural sources.

The Indian cow ghee, for example, is brownish than the one prepared from buffalo milk. It offers all the central neural stimulation that boosts our neurological health, the immune system that prevents us from Alzheimer’s and dementia disorders, and helps in the growth and repair of cells.

Omega 3 and Omega 6, and also a substantial quantity of vitamins A, D E, and K loaded in pure desi ghee. So this is one of the intelligent choices over other alternatives.

It works superlatively as healthy fat:

The body’s natural fat storage is never favorable, though you can have food with a safe fat proportion, such as desi cow ghee. There are abundant business analyzers and herbal experts who recommend the golden exile tonic for mental health as grass-fed cow ghee.

Let me make you aware of why the brain benefits from regular consumption of desi cow ghee.

  1. Desi cow ghee is helpful to avoid mental issues and even cure brain intelligence mediators to some extent.
  2. It will help to boost human memory.
  3. For those experiencing hormonal distractions, in order to resolve and boost cell membranes, daily ingestion of pure ghee is ideal.
  4. This argument is also supported by the medical team and they specify that ghee indulgence every day is a wise choice to fuel the brain’s neurological functions.
  5. It promotes the brain’s conscious and subconscious judgments.

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Desi cow ghee is the most nutritious choice – true or false?

If you are not confident that Indian cow ghee is the most healthy choice, we will encourage you towards its health values for your body. Let’s read about how several elements of desi cow ghee assist to benefit our health.

  1. Ample source of vitamins –

Ghee includes fat-soluble vitamins including K, E, D, and A, all of which the body requires in small portions but is impotent to generate by itself. These supplements are vital for several basic functions. Additionally, Indian cow ghee also offers the body of required unsaturated fats or healthy fat along with a lot of health benefits.

  1. Potent source of energy –

Unlike any other type of cooking fat, Indian cow ghee is highly loaded with fatty acids that convert into energy that everybody requires. When it comes to fulfilling the adequate level of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids.

The quantity is sufficient in pure cow ghee, making it an energy booster. The omega-3 fatty acids can offer extra need to the body in lowering bad cholesterol levels, offering a healthy choice to the body’s fat presence.

  1. Decrease the chance of heart problem –

Though ghee might have bad misconceptions over the years, ghee can actually prevent heart health against immense heart disorders. The good quantity of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) present in desi cow ghee assists in securing the body in case of artery plaque, carcinogens, and diabetes diseases. Pure ghee can be useful in protecting against cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Promotes hair and skin health

The hair and skin issues may force you to worry about it, here we have some good waves for you, so ward off. Ghee is useful in moisturizing, hydrating, and glowing up the skin. When face masks with desi ghee for the skin as a routine, it can help with skin-soothing features. Besides that, ghee is also useful in promoting hair growth when applied as a hair oil on the scalp. 

What other health advantages do Ghee aids?

  1. We discussed being capable of enhancing memory and curing brain trauma with desi cow ghee. It is essential to say that for someone who enthusiastically wants to consume pure ghee, there are abundant more benefits. 
  2. Maybe a few of you should get to know that ghee can work as an efficient skin nourisher. If the skin gets very dry up during dry seasons, the daily consumption of Indian cow ghee will function as a perfect moisturizing agent.
  3. It may also play a role in the scalps as an ideal oil material.
  4. The indulgence of ghee will reduce the body’s bad cholesterol and elevated good cholesterol. So, it will improve the heart wellness of the person who has it.
  5. It delivers an excellent remedy for burn-related hurts and heals the wounds faster.
  6. Daily basis intake of pure ghee enhances the metabolism and diminishes fat accumulation in the body.
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Tips for Properly Storing Ghee:

Sustaining the freshness and safety of ghee for an elevated period needs to have some careful storage practices. Follow these steps for optimum results:

Shield from Direct Sunlight and Heat:

Ghee is sensitive towards the direct sunlight and high temperatures. Make sure to store it in a place where it is protected from direct sunlight and away from areas prone to high heat to sustain its longevity and quality.

Use a Clean Spoon:

Protect from contamination by utilizing a clean, unused spoon to scoop out ghee before use. Any dirt or dust that comes in contact with the ghee can compromise its shelf life, so either pour it directly from the container or choose a sanitary utensil.

Avoid Constant Opening and Closing:

Given its frequent usage in the kitchen, consistent opening and closing of the ghee container can result in moisture absorption and degradation. To counteract this, make sure to utilize two separate containers—one larger and one smaller—to reduce the exposure and maintain optimal quality.

Choose the Right Container:

The choice of container significantly influences the lifespan of your ghee. For daily use, choose a steel container. If you plan to freeze it for an elevated period, a plastic container is appropriate, while glass containers are preferable for storing larger quantities of ghee.

By following these storage practices, you can ensure that your ghee remains fresh, safe, and ready for use over an extended period.


Ghee is a rich source of healthy food elements required by the body to neglect brain disorders, relates with memory and motor skills, balances hormonal equilibrium, and refreshes and reproduces depleted cell membranes. 

Desi cow ghee is obviously one of the most healthy ingredients you can intake. However, it is vital to heed that you don’t exaggerate it. When indulging in moderate quantities, you can experience all the benefits cow ghee has to deliver.

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