Pondering about the ‘No Carb’ diet? Read this first

What is a ‘No carb’ diet

A no-carb diet is an essential genre of low-carb diet planning. It removes almost all carbs, involving whole grains, fruits, and most vegetables. 

Neglecting your carb consumption can help you save pounds and may experience several health benefits, completely eliminating carbs is highly restrictive and most likely unnecessary. 

This article provides an exact overview of a no-carb diet, adding its potential advantages, corns, and foods to consume and avoid.

What is a no-carb diet?

A no-carb diet is a method of consuming that cleans the digestible carbs as much as possible. Carbs are your body’s fundamental promoter of energy. They’re available in grains, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, milk, yoghurt, bread, and baked foods. 

Therefore, those who are following a no-carb diet must neglect most of these optimistic foods that contain basically protein or fat, for example, meats, fish, eggs, cheese, oils, and desi real ghee. 

There are no strict guidelines for a no-carb plan. Some folks prefer to eat nuts and seeds, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fruits such as avocado and coconut. Even though these items have less content of carbs, they’re rich in fibre. 

Therefore, they have only a minute number of digestible or pure carbs, which is determined by subtracting the quantity of fibre from the total amount of carbs. 

A no-carb diet assembles a ketogenic diet, which restricts your carb consumption to less than 30 grams per day and inspires you to achieve 70% or more of your daily calories from fat. Based on what you select to consume, a no-carb diet can be more resistive than keto. 

There’s a good opportunity to learn about low-carb foods like the paleo diet or the Keto diet, but the no-carb diet plan takes this thought a step ahead. It does so by removing all carbohydrate-rich foods and packing the diet with protein and fat concerns. 

This primarily indicates that you consume a lot of meat and good fats but no fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or sweet cures that include any kind of carbohydrate. 

Antipathic to most weight-loss diet plans that often rely on calorie consumption and strict substitutes to control the process, a no-carb diet is useful in faster weight loss by concentrating on the reduction of carbohydrate-rich diet foods.

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No carb diet plan

A week on a no-carb diet recycles the plan of ketosis. If you enjoy consuming tons of meat and natural fats, you could sustain on a no-carb diet plan for a week but observe the positive impacts of content carbs. 

You’ll require to check with the food plan for more than one week. Offered below is a 7-day no-carb plan for keto dieters.

Day 1:

The first day of your plan should be fulfilling and enriched with proteins and natural fats. That is because your body wants a little time to adapt to the no-carb diet. Your breakfast can include scrambled eggs with bacon. 

You can intake a hot cup of tea or coffee with your eggs. Consume until you will get fully satisfied. For your lunch, you can induce a meal of sautéed beef kidneys with your fondness of preservatives like salt, pepper, and melted ghee. 

You can flavour the ghee with garlic and rosemary. Also drinking a warm cup of vegetable soups is advised during the starting days as it will assist you to get the essential amount of salt and water. Dinner can include roasted meat with broccoli.

Day 2:

Day 2 breakfast can include poached eggs with a portion of grilled salmon. To this, a half or full avocado will be enough. A plate of cabbage slices stir fry to golden state with a small part of roast chicken can promote a good lunch. 

Don’t miss the cup of vegetables or chicken soups. Dinner may consist of a plate full of freshly prepared salad with boiled eggs. Throw in some nuts like peanuts to your salad for that rich flavour.

Day 3:

On the third day for your no-carb consumption, you can try a fresh alternative to the morning breakfast. Make an egg omelet with mushrooms. Decorate the omelet with grated cheese for some dairy health.  Make yourself a cup of green tea or any of your most optimal herbal tea.

For your Day 3 lunch make a dish of Thai fish curry with coconut milk. If Thai food isn’t your first love, make yourself cooked salmon with some ayurvedic herbs and you are ready to go.

Incorporation to these meal beverages a cup of bouillon (from a stock cube). A flavourful chicken wing offered with ghee-fried cabbage can make a tasty dinner. 

Day 4:

For breakfast select from an alternative of classic crawled eggs. Or grind in some unhealthy yogurt with your fondness for berries. You can have a cup of tea or coffee and can be drunk with this breakfast.  For lunch, for Day 4 you can eat a bowl full of fried/boiled chicken. Add this with avocados and fresh herbs for a tasteful mixture of flavors. Make your dinner lovely and delicious by frying chicken thighs.

Day 5:

Bake some eggs with spinach and cheese cubes this way to spice up your day 5 breakfast. Don’t miss to add it up with some chili ghee. Lunch can have a chicken salad. This will ensure a lunch fully made out of no-carb foods. Adding fried salmon with broccoli or green beans to your Day 5 dinner with a  hot cup of vegetable/chicken soup will induce nutrition to your dinner.

Day 6:

On the 6th Day, eat a plate of your favorite berries with a bowl of yogurt that can make a delicious no-carb morning hunger treat. Lunch you can eat a piece of roast chicken and steamed broccoli. Dinner can be a garnished plate of baked honey mustard chicken. Include some lemon and rosemary to add extra flavor.

Day 7:

Serve a plate of quinoa smeared with fried eggs. Insert some avocado for alternative flavors into a no-carb breakfast. Swallow this down with your selection of favorite tea. Include a cauliflower salad for lunch with a bowl of vegetable broth. For fried/boiled a plate full of steamed chicken and broccoli with melted butter and seasoning can fulfill our appetizing dinner.

From the above 7 days, no carbs plan most of the places we used ghee for making food or frying or topping purpose. Let us see how ghee is a low-carb ingredient to try delicious recipes for keto dieters.

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Ghee: low carb 

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Ghee is clarified butter that includes some dairy proteins. According to health experts, it’s prepared by heating solid cream and letting the water and milk portion evaporate from the fat. The milk cream caramelizes and forms a solid structure and the extracted oil is ghee. 

Ghee also possesses a higher smoke point than butter, offering a better alternative for high-heat cooking like frying, sauteing, baking with many incredible health benefits

Butter delivers smoke and burns at 350°F (177°C), but pure grass-fed organic ghee can provide or sustain heat up to 485°F (252°C),” says Healthline. Keto ghee also called clarified butter, contains all lactose and whey flushed out. 

Butter has only 0.1 grams of carb and protein of 0.1 grams per 100 grams. So, like ghee, it’s essentially a carb-free or zero carbs ingredient.

Add keto-friendly ghee to your diet

Nutrition Information

One teaspoon of ghee consist of: 

  • Calories: 42
  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams


What Does a Ketogenic Diet Entail?

The term “Ketogenic” is regarded as a low-carb diet, similarly to the Atkins diet, where the attention is on acquiring more calories from protein and fat while minimizing carbohydrate consumption. The significance is on cutting back on effortlessly digestible carbs, that is sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread. It’s beneficial to understand that the ketogenic diet is a short-term approach foremostly designed for weight loss rather than the pursuit of broader health benefits.

How to introduce a Low-Carb Diet ?

While the foremost utilization of a ketogenic diet is primarily for weight loss, it can also be introduced to maintain for particular medical conditions, that is epilepsy. Some evidence recommends the potential benefits for individuals having heart disease, some certain brain disorders, and even acne, even though further research is required in these areas. Consultation with a healthcare professional is imperative before having a ketogenic diet, specifically for individuals having type 1 diabetes.

How do low carb supports in Weight Loss ?

The ketogenic diet may contribute to more considerable weight loss in the initial 3 to 6 months compared with some other diets. This could be associated with the higher calorie expenditure required to transform fat into energy as compared to converting carbs into energy. Furthermore, the satisfaction obtained from a high-fat, high-protein diet may result in minimized calorie intake, although this factor has yet to be conclusively proven.


You can get confused about various alternatives or brands of ghee in the market, from cheap to expensive with a quality difference. 

The best method to check purity you will get a kit that helps you to check the purity level of ghee and help to decide which ghee is best in its nutritional value and when we worry about the quality, organic cow ghee has the supreme value. 

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