Why You Must Choose Suresh Desi Cow Ghee For Your Family?

The Best Ghee Brands Made in India

One of the most delicious taste enhancer foods in India, desi cow ghee with a supreme value since ancient times. It has been trusted by people for cooking goals throughout the passing years. 

In fact traces of desi cow ghee have been popular since 6500 BC. It would be a great choice itself and it is a crucial ingredient often seen in every Indian kitchen.

India has a higher place in ghee manufacturers and consumers. Desi ghee is called clarified butter in many constituents of Asia and is utilized for the cooking of various food items as well as an important part of sacred rituals. 

Ghee is nothing but a form of clarified butter that is typically made with various methods. On a primary level, we have to simmer the cow’s butter and vaporize the moisture content by removing the milk solids and the final residue is pure ghee.

Grass-fed cow ghee is an obvious ingredient in every Indian kitchen. But if you have a question about whether the ghee you are buying is pure grass-fed ghee. Here in this article, we are going to discuss choosing the right ghee jar for you. 

This delicious desi ghee has a wide range of health values and applications. Now you may have the query regarding– Where should I buy Desi cow ghee? Here I am suggesting you buy a desi ghee from Suresh Foods.

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Why you must choose Suresh Desi Cow Ghee 

When buying ghee from any manufacturer, you need to be more aware. There are many superior brands in the stores for their items like desi cow ghee, but they are not a byproduct of dairy. Also, it can be adulterated with many preservatives that may be unhealthy for the body. 

You can get confused if you don’t know what to choose. Buying the wrong ghee, and getting tricked would be a great loss because if you don’t know, you might get bad results on your health. 

Here, finding a good source for desi ghee is worth your effort. Suresh Foods provides the best quality hand-churned Vedic cow milk ghee, which not only adds flavor to your dishes but also keeps you active and fit.

  • Our Ghee is prepared by the authentic hand-churned method called the Vedic Process. It becomes all the more vital & special as earthen pots and wooden churners are utilized in this process. 
  • The quality of the milk is excellent which meets the norms and standards laid by the health and food industry. Desi ghee is an ample source of vitamin A and E and enriched with omega 3-6 and 9 fatty acids. It is a product widely used and favored by customers. 
  • Desi ghee is popular for its purity, quality, real taste and aroma, high nutritional rate, and immense health benefits
  • So Hurry Up! If you are searching for Pure Desi Cow Milk Ghee, Order now online. The special attribute of ‘Suresh Ghee‘ is you get it ‘Direct from Village Farm‘.
  • Pure Suresh Desi Ghee is the non-homogenized natural, grass-fed, and pasture-raised cow’s milk utilized for their quality raised ghee.
  • Suresh Foods is also one of the best ghee brands that also produce a cultured ghee product and assure tests that it contains no more than 0.25 percent lactose and 2.5 ppm casein/whey. So this pure desi ghee is highly healthy for people with lactose intolerances.

5 Amazing benefits to buying your best ghee from Suresh foods

1. Weight loss

Desi ghee can be used as a weight-loss remedy. According to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, ‘Ghee is loaded with essential amino acids which assist in mobilizing the fat content and permitting the fat cells to contract in size.’ So, if you are feeling that your body is collecting too much fat, start inducing desi cow ghee to your weight loss diet plan.

2. Offers energy

Ghee includes medium-chain fatty acids which the liver can soak directly and burn immediately. Opting for it as a healthier source of energy, we should consume a spoonful of desi ghee every day.

3. Maintain cholesterol level

Ghee is loaded with butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that has immense benefits and also controls cholesterol. Our bodies actually transform fiber into butyric acid, so consumption of desi ghee makes the cholesterol job easier. 

4. Promotes flexibility

It’s no wonder that yogis prefer to cook their food in ghee. It lubricates the joints and connective tissues and enhances flexibility. A lot of yoga followers choose ghee as it provides flexibility.

5. Good for the brain and rich in vitamin

According to Ayurveda, ghee is essential for brain health, as it offers sharpness and enhances memory retention. Ghee is a super source of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, that our body needs.

Vitamin A is required to improve our eyesight. Vitamin D offers stress relief, vitamin E is essential for heart health and K helps to keep our bones strong.

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Always prefer Suresh Desi Cow Ghee

The ghee which is purchased online from Suresh Foods has a grainy texture and the one you compare it with others you have to realize its health benefits and soft texture. It is just because of the melting and crystallization of the fats depending upon the method you are following. 

It does not affect the taste or shelf-life either. We follow the airtight packaging, so it will not come in contact with direct sunlight. When you take it, always use a dry spoon. You must choose Suresh ghee, which is the 100% authenticated pure desi cow ghee.


The milk utilized by the Sahiwal cows is one of the best sources of milk amongst all. Suresh Ghee is popular for its relishing taste, purity, fresh aroma, and nutritional rate. We don’t believe to torture cows for getting milk or injecting them with chemicals. 

It is hard to search for any particular Indian ghee brand,  as there are a lot of ghee brands available in the market. In this article, we advise you to try the best Indian Suresh ghee direct from the farm that may assist you to get the best quality or organic ghee for you and your family.

We do not accept any other cow’s milk except our grass-fed cows, which are there in our Gau-mandir. Just keep your ghee consumption in moderation and it’s enough! Grass-fed ghee is a highly supreme food supplement that goes a long way in the fast pacing world. Don’t step back to buy ghee, feel free and order it online here: https://sureshdesighee.com/