Ghee for Mental Health

Ghee for mental health

Desi Ghee with Brahmi herb is prescribed in the fifth month of pregnancy for the mental development of consciousness and intellect. According to “The newborn is also fed honey and ghee to stimulate intellect and ojas (the essence of all tissues) in an important ritual.”

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Beyond maintaining a healthy mind, ghee is also prescribed for anxiety, depression, dementia, insanity, epilepsy and other disorders of consciousness. It is believed in Ayurveda that ghee older than one year is a great remedy for the healing mind.

Disappointedly, most studies focus on the herbs which are added to the ghee but ghee itself is a powerful brain tonic. 

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According to “One study does look at ghee’s inherent properties for treating Alzheimer’s via its insertion in the nose (Madhavikutty 2000)”. Such Nasya Treatment with Desi Ghee is part of Panchakarma and is a natural route for delivering rejuvenating substances to the brain. 

Beyond treating serious mental disorders ghee can be used to pacify mild anxiety (due to aggravated Vata). This is done by dipping a clean finger in ghee and inserting it into each nostril, lubricating the nasal passage with a gentle massage.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Desi cow milk ghee is more healthy than any fabricated oil or plant-based oil source. Ghee contains vitamins A, E, and K, and it is a good side of Omega 3 fatty acids. Ghee is good for physical and mental strength for humans.

Benefits of desi ghee for mental health :

Nourish the brain tissues. Ghee aid the development of consciousness and intellect in the baby. A newborn is also fed honey and ghee to stimulate intellect and ojas.

Desi ghee is also prescribed for anxiety, depression, dementia, insanity, epilepsy and other disorders of consciousness. Old ghee could regenerate brain cells.

Apart from rejuvenating the body, desi ghee also helps detoxify our minds. Ayurveda suggests that Ghee with some herbs, does magic in healing mental disorder conditions due to Veta and as a key ingredient, its sweet taste nourishes the nerve tissue and brain.

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Some facts associated with mental health:

Bipolar disorder and depression have major risks due to their biological connection to the brain, fatty acids as an important area of interest in the sense of mental disorders. The supplementation of carboxylic acid at a specific level is beneficial for major depressive episodes. 

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help in shifting the balance for inflammation which is essential in curing the bipolar disorder. Pure desi ghee can provide important elements for these disorders. By focusing on the herbs which are added to the ghee, so ghee itself is a powerful brain tonic.

This implies the provision that the presence of omega-3 within the body is lower in bipolar subjects, ”Saunders said”. Free fatty acids can cross the blood barrier, the ratio of unengaged to correlated with clinical bipolar symptoms specifically mania and tendency towards suicide. 

As omega-3 is beneficial for cell-to-cell communication, it’s an outsized component of brain-cell membranes. The great old “Desi Ghee” contains a more powerful resource of vitamins that balance inflammation.

The cow ghee promotes all three aspects of mental functioning in learning, memory, and recalling. In Ayurveda, cow ghee designates a media Rasayana which is healthy and balanced fat within the body. 

Ghee is helpful for mental alertness and memory. Ghee combined with the pungent spices for active benefit in psychological state, ashwagandha is an ayurvedic remedy for anxiety, because the spices increase absorption of ashwagandha gives stability to the brain. 

Ghee is additionally employed in the treatment of schizophrenia, a significant long-term mental state condition.

Cow Ghee Rejuvenates The Mind

Beyond rejuvenating the body, Ayurveda has special tonics for the mind. Ghee is found as an important ingredient because its sweet taste develops nerve tissue and the brain. Ghee’s behaviour on both agni and ojas are hence at the heart of all Ayurvedic chikitsa. 

Ghee also nourishes and refreshes the body and mind, improving the overall quality of treatment. Desi ghee’s widespread pervasiveness in Ayurvedic medicines and treatments is due to its beneficial effects on the digestion, absorption, and delivery of Ayurvedic herbs, as well as its own healing properties. When the digestive capacity (agni) and life-essence (ojas) are weak, the doshas are disturbed causing disease.



However, ghee is more regularly used internally than for external massage. In Ayurvedic detoxification (Panchakarma) increasing doses of ghee are given each morning to develop the body. 

A unique aspect of Ayurveda is its use of large amounts of oily substances in remedy. Anyone who has Ayurvedic massage in India has experienced this! External massage with sesame oil or ghee balances Vata dosha by counteracting its rough, dry properties. 

As such, oil beating can be very effective in Vata problems such as osteoarthritis, stress, insomnia and paralysis. Ghee for mental illness – you can use to treat mental illness.

Desi Ghee is the most suitable food for those desiring memory, intellect, and intelligence. Application of desi cow ghee over the scalp area helps to calm the mind down. In depression start your day breakfast with 2-3 tablespoons of desi ghee, which is very much helpful to fight against depression. 

Desi cow ghee is more healthy than any fabricated oil or plant-based oil source. Ghee contains vitamins A, E and K, and it is good to the side of Omega 3 fatty acids. Desi ghee is good for physical and mental strength for humans.

Ghee Traditionally - Spiritual and Biological :

Ghee, Traditionally: Spiritual AND Biological Benefits Of Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee For Mental Health

Our ancestors prepared most of the food items in ghee as it was purely made at home from cow’s milk. If we closely follow our ancestor’s diet (which we can’t even match) and build which was naturally built (without putting in much effort like gyming) they were much more physically and mentally stronger than we are.

Ghee is used as medicine by itself or as media for extraction, consumption and assimilation of any medicine. It is used for diseases caused by pitta dosha. It is known as a brain tonic. Excellent for developing memory power and intelligence. Best for enhancing mental health.

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  • Ghee caters as a potential source of beneficial fatty acids, involving omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Omega-3s are the most essential for systematic mental health development and function, while CLA has been related with a reduction in age-related cognitive decline. Furthermore, ghee boosts a high antioxidant consistency, which helps in minimizing brain inflammation and combating damage caused due to free radicals.
  • Way beyond its nourishing benefits, ghee has been determined as an essential aid for intellectual clarity and focus. Research tends to signify that ghee can improve concentration, attention, and alertness, making it specifically essential for individuals combating attention-deficit disorders such as ADD or ADHD. Additionally, ghee has been associated with improving memory, making it a favorable option for those looking for cognitive enhancement.
  • In addition to cognitive benefits, ghee has been determined to favorably affect the mood. Studies recommend that ghee can be a contribution in  reducing stress and anxiety, as well as enhancement in sleep quality. These effects are elements to its rich fatty acid composition, which delivers an important role in facilitating hormones connected with mood.
  • Essential benefits of Ghee extend to complete brain health, with research determining its potential in safeguarding from neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Its anti-inflammatory properties provided to the brain and the capability to shield from free radical damage contribute to such protective impact.

Apart from its things on physical health and performance, ghee has also shown positive results in reducing stress and boosting one’s mental health. Ghee is also good for digestion and mental health, a good digestive system is important for standing healthy in common sense. 

Ghee has a high butyric acid content that helps in fixing your inner lining and improves your digestive system. Ghee is particularly good for improving the brain over a year. It is more heating and bitter, resources that enable it to remove blockages in the mind’s subtle channels. It is also considered beneficial and with Sanskrit mantras, there is no clear physical reason given to mental disorders.